Wednesday, 2 December 2009

3.3: The headache begins!

Well if MMO-Champion is to be believed, we've got Patch 3.3 due next week. On the one hand "yay, new content!", but on the other hand, "erm we're not quite done with the present stuff."

On Smart Casual's to-do list at present is:

Algalon the Observer - The relative worth of the rewards from this are dropping all the time, but I'd still like to see him dead.

Glory of the Ulduar Raider - We need One Light in the Darkness done to make this a reality.

Anub'Arak Heroic - We still haven't managed to do this.

This, along with farming easy content (Onyxia, TotC10 normal, early Ulduar) to equip new members, is eating up most of our three 3-hour raids per week.

In 3.3 I think we'll be able to drop farm night. That'll give us a night to work on Icecrown. If we extend an Ulduar lockout, then we only need to spend one night a fortnight clearing to Yogg Saron, but it means we only get one hour per fortnight to train Algalon, and one night a fortnight on Trial of the Grand Crusader.

I'm currently considering pitching this as a schedule for the guild for 3.3:

Week 1, Day 1: Ulduar day #1 (Clear as far as you can, doing relevant hardmodes, try to do Firefighter)
Week 1, Day 2: Ulduar day #2 (Work on Ys +1, extend lockout if we fail)
week 1, Day 3: Icecrown 10
Week 2, Day 1: Trial of the Crusader HM
Week 2, Day 2: Icecrown 10
Week 2, Day 3: Ulduar (Try Algalon for an hour or skip him, then back to Yogg)

Managing a two-week schedule will, I anticipate, be a headache. The only other option is to try and persuade folks to do a fourth night a week.

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