Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Patch 3.3: Bye, Bye Blood!

Well, it's been confirmed that 3.3 will be hitting us tomorrow (or today for you sods in the Colonies).

With that in mind, I logged in this morning to change my specs. First of all, I tweaked my Unholy DPS build to 17/0/54 include Epidemic and Reaping. As I mentioned before, the buffed Scourge Strike and the passive pet avoidance from Night of the Dead deal with my two main peeves with the spec. I see no reason not to make it my main DPS spec now, especially since I've been struggling with Blood DPS recently.

My beloved Blood DPS spec has now become a Frost Tanking spec: 10/51/10. Why Frost? In one word: Howling Blast. It's an incredibly strong burst AoE threat move, which is the one area Gray's traditionally lacked in for tanking heroics. I don't see Gray becoming a raid tank, since we have an active and enthusiastic tanking corps, but it'd be nice to be comfortable pugging heroics as a tank.

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