Thursday, 10 December 2009

3.3 Thoughts

Ok, I had about an hour last night and about 45 minutes this morning to play around with Patch 3.3, so my thoughts will be necessarily brief.

*Despite my misgivings, the Dungeon Finder/Cross-Realm LFG is really good. I queued as a DPSer twice to do the daily random heroic (once last night, once this morning), and both times I was matched with a group within 5 minutes. And both groups were really decent. No drama, no fuss, just efficent killings.

*Unholy DPS is everything I hoped for in 3.3. I love my 12k Scourge Strike crits!

*Haven't tried the new heroics yet. That may have to wait until Friday because:

*Icecrown 10-man tonight! Initial reports suggest the bosses are easy, but I'll see how that translates to SCRC's skill levels.

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