Wednesday, 2 December 2009

3.3 and Unholy

The other, more personal side of 3.3 is I may well turn Graysun to full-time Unholy DPS and not look back.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Unholy, I'm not a fan of DPS builds that exist soley to fuel Death Coils. It's ended up that way because of the relative wimpiness of Scourge Strike.

I also have a big problem with Unholy's reliance on summoned pets, since they currently lack any sort of Avoidance ability to save them from any splash AoE the bosses deal. I tried Unholy last night on a few Firefighter attempts and I couldn't keep my Ghoul and Gargoyle alive through Shock Blasts and Laser Barrages.

Thusfar, I tend to switch to Unholy for lolAoE content (Heroics and Naxx runs for a Guildy who wants to do The Undying), or for Anub'Arak 10, where I want to limit my self-healing.

Happily however, both these problems are fixed for Unholy DKs in 3.3. Scourge Strike now does decent damage compared to the other FU attacks (and it scales better with Armor Penetration) and DK pets get 45/90% AoE reduction from the Night of the Dead talent. The rotation looks a little nicer as well, with more big strikes and less of a boring 10-second rotation. I'll play with the numbers in 3.3, but it might be enough to persuade me to stay.

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