Friday, 27 November 2009

Reality Check

Have I just spent/am about to spend close to 3k gold and 30 Emblems of Triumph on getting Titanium Razorplate made? Am I insane?

Well yes, I am, but I feel justified. Yes, I have Thassarian's Battleplate of Conquest, but c'mon, look at the two side by side! For Blood the T9 Chest is easily the weakest-itemised part, and replacing that haste with more Strength, another socket (for even more Strength!) and a crapton more Armor Penetration is really too nice to pass up. It should put my current ArP to just under 50%!

I have the orbs, Ulu and Gray's Titansteel cooldowns are ready around the time I get home, and the guildie who's making it offerred to throw in the Saronite for the Dirks.

Let's do this.

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